Saturday, January 5, 2008

Love at a Distance

Here, within the solitary walls
of my room, in the quiet unresponse
of this small city,
I am taunted by the absence of your
summer eyes
your warmth and pure intent
embedded tenderly in the midst of my recollection.
Each night after the
long day's continuance of miles
between us I fall asleep
embraced by the remembrance of
your arms and my home in them.
These cold cruel miles like
prison bars standing erect and immovable
in the center of us
Great canyons that have thrust through
the surface to alter our perfect valley.

1 comment:

Sarah Budge said...

I love this Poem Rach... it's absolutely beautiful! I didn't know that you wrote Poetry! I LOVE poetry! I wish I could've been there for New Year's! Mine was kinda lame... mostly because I was high on LorTab :( (ps there is a reason I should never get high :) I miss you! You should come visit more often! Thanks for showing me your blog... I loved it!