Monday, March 10, 2008

A Poem For Jacey

My friend Heather, who is my brother-in-law's sister, lost her 9 week old baby this morning around 4 am. I can't imagine the pain that she and her family are in, but I wrote this poem for her. If I lost my little infant I would want to know that she would be mine again someday and that someone would love her while she was away from me. Thank goodness they are all members of the church who can find peace in knowing that the Lord is with them and will never leave them comfortless.

"For Jacey"
Go in peace, sweet angel girl, to the
beauty of the Heavens that you know.
Look to the Father who named you His masterpiece.
Listen, for He has called you home.

The world's dark nights shall never touch you.
With sorrow, you shall never weep.
Pain, nor anguish, shall not follow you.
Sickness shall never taint your sleep.

Sing with the angels, sweet baby girl,
send your voice to the audience below.
Whisper in the ears of your weeping mother
that you will meet her at the gates of her home.

Tell her the Father holds you in His arms
and rocks her baby to sleep.
He sings her lullabies of beauty and light
and gives her His glory to keep.

Now, go in peace, sweet angel girl, and wait,
for the Father shall exalt you.
Your mother will hold you when Heaven calls her home.
And then she shall always keep you.


Leslie said...

That has to be the most beautiful poem I have ever read regarding infant death. You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet. Oh how strong she is. I couldnt even imagine. It was very beautiful

The Jorgensens, said...

I have to say that was the most beautiful poem. It really touched my heart. I couldn't help but cry when I read it.

Michelle said...

Now that I am done wiping my eyes, I am going to send my sister to read this. She also lost a baby and this is so comforting yet is doesn't take away the fact that it still hurts. Beautiful Rachel!