Monday, December 1, 2008

A Lonely Night

"Another Night"
No fires are
burning on this night.
Just another undesirable
exchange with cold sheets -
me and the cold sheets again.
The chill in the room
leaves an icy kiss
on my cheek,
an unwanted kiss, but the
only one offered to me.
Outside the window
stars illuminate the heaven.
Somewhere under those
stars, young lovers are making
promises like we did
so many nights ago,
promises of forever and
eternity and all the
romantic cliches of
budding passion.

Shouldn't you tell them
that fires die out
and promises are revocable?
Shouldn't I say it,
that lovers lie and
smother the heart until
it is dead but beating?

And then they're alone
remembering the nights
long ago under stars
that burned for them
when their lover made
promises he would never keep.

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