Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thinking of Jacey

"For Heather"
It was but a moment
that I held you,
the frailty of your newness
in my arms,
the angel breath
upon my cheek.
There was a song that
we sang just between us
without words
without notes
but whispered in the
quiet bond of
mother and child.

It was but a moment
that I felt the rhythmic
rise and fall of your
infant chest upon my own
and felt the imprints
of your tiny being
carved in the eternal
chambers of my heart.

It was but a moment,
and then you were gone
with an unrelenting
gone from my arms
to that heaven that sent you,
to God who gave you life.
There were tears
that could not keep you here
and hands that ached
to touch the warmth
of your satin cheek
for a moment longer -
a moment that would
not have been long enough.

It is but a moment,
sweet baby girl,
until this time will unravel
and the human pain of
our separation
will be swallowed up
in the morning rays
of our sweet reunion.
We will cry no more tears,
we will bear no more sorrows.
Our morning will come
with healing in its wings,
and forever will ride in
gloriously upon its back
with you and me,
mother and child,
in quiet song again.

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