Monday, January 19, 2009

Let It Be Together

Let us ride out this storm
in our meager and weary ship
but let it be together
that waves rage against us
and rains beat down
into our exhausted souls.

Sail with me under
skies that threaten
with a black vengeance
to drown us in an
unrecoverable despair,
under lighting that
shakes its fist with
a furious conviction
to set us ablaze.

Be not dismayed
beside me,
and let us combine
our two hearts
and unite our wills together
with our Maker's
that we may stand
while the world is falling
and embrace while
others turn their backs.

But be not moved beside me
and we will ride out
the storm until we sail
on a placid sea
and the sun breaks through
with a golden promise
that we have made it,
and none can break us apart.

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