Sunday, April 5, 2009

We Are One No Longer

It has begun,
the declination of one -
the rapid descent into two
and there was no warning,
no decent admonition
no alarm of our unity's decay.

My lilies have hung their heads.
They once bloomed for us
sprung forth of deep, rich earth.
Would they not wait with me,
and yet the premature wilting
has made its claim,
and my lilies have hung their heads.

Our sun has set,
and tomorrow it will not be rising.
Night has come with an
abiding grip on the heavens,
and even stars that burned for us
are no longer burning.
Our lights have diminished.
Our sky has blackened.
Our sun will not be rising.

And what of our flesh,
the bone of our bones,
the fruit of our joining?
What of our roots and their
What of our days spent laughing
and our quiet moments

Hide them up,
uproot them from within my being,
tell me they were not.
For my love is gone,
I have lost him.
We are one no longer,
and two
is the loneliest number.

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