Monday, April 13, 2009

His Judas Kiss

Let it be done with,
the unraveling ended,
his Judas kiss
no longer wet on my cheek.
Recover it - my heart - from
the wreckage, that I may
forget his touch
and unlive the days spent
loving. Those
days are lost.

Will I yet live again
new in resurrection
the cynicism gone
from my breast?
Uproot my heart, revive it,
from the man who unjustly
housed it. Let it be
quick, our closing,
let it be now, in this breath.

No longer the lamb
dead in the
jaws of the lion.


Mike and Jenny Guthrie said...

Wow, you are such a talented woman! Your poetry is heart wrenching, but awesome.

pillingfamily said...

what a blessing that you can find some kind of release through your writing. i especially like "he is gone". very poignant. it's interesting to see the progression of your feelings from one poem to the next. these are amazing. we're thinking of you